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Petition for increased field space & Lighting

About the petition

We need your voice to be heard! 🗣️


We have launched a petition to request additional field space and improved lighting for our beloved Nature Coast Soccer Club. We believe that these enhancements are crucial to accommodate our growing membership and provide the best possible soccer experience for our young athletes.

By signing this petition, you will show your support for our club's continued development and the well-being of our players. Let's join forces and make a collective impact on the future of soccer in our community!


Here's how you can sign the petition:

1️⃣ [Include instructions on where and how club members can sign the physical petition, if applicable]

2️⃣ [Include instructions on how members can digitally sign the petition, if applicable]


Together, we can demonstrate the importance of investing in youth sports and the positive impact they have on our community. Your signature will help us emphasize the need for additional field space and lighting to Citrus County Parks and Recreation.

About the petition

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